How To Successfully Bypass Icloud Lock (Iphone4)

 How It Works:

put iphone 4 in DFU mode
for dfu mode press power button for 3 seconds then press
home button and power button for 10 seconds
now extract downloaded file
run ssh file
when phone in dfu mode ssh soft auto detect your phone
after some process you will see
login root
pass alpine

now run winSCP
on winscp type this
host name localhost
port 2022
login root
pass alpine
press login
A window will popup press YES
Press the little terminal windows in winSCP type
click ok
close new popup window
now go to root
now open downloaded file
copy mnt1 and mnt2 folder and past in root
click copy on window
now go to downloaded file open Caches folder
copy all file from Caches folder
now go to mnt1 folder--> library -->caches. past already copy file here
and press copy
now go to root on winSCP
now go to downloaded file open cdma+Gsm folder copy mnt1 mnt2
Past mnt1 mnt2 in root
now go to lockdown folder copy all 3 files
now go to mnt2 ->root->library->lockdown
delete this 2 files(escrow_records)(data_ark.plist)
and past already copy file here
no go to back in root
go to downloaded file copy mnt1 mnt2
past in root
you done all most
now close all application take your mobile in hand
press power and home button your mobile will be off
now power on your mobile
your mobile in recovery mode now
now exit recovery by tinyUmbrelle or iPhone4_Hacktivate_Tool
now your mobile bypass icloud
wait after apple logo your mobile will start
put sim card active your iphone 4

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