How to Perform LG X Power 2 Hard Reset

First method:

  1. Switch on LG X Power 2.
  2. Navigate to Settings from the main menu.
  3. Click General and then Backup & Reset.
  4. After that click Reset Phone.
  5. Choose Erase Everything to confirm the procedure.
  6. Done! Hard reset completed.

Compatible ODIN with your Samsung Phone

Odin v1.85:
GT-P3100 / GT-S5830i / GT-S6102 / GT-S6102B / GT-S6102E / GT-S6500 / GT-S6500D / GT-S6500L / GT-S6500T / GT-P3100B / GT-S5302 / GT-S5302B / GT-S5303 / GT-S5303B / GT-S5360 / GT-S5360B / GT-S5360L / GT-S5360T / GT-S5367 / GT-S5363 / GT-S5369 / GT-P3105 / GT-P3108 / GT-P3110 / GT-P3113 / GT-P5100 / GT-P5110 / GT-P5113 / GT-N8005 / SHV-E120L / SHV-E120S / SHV-E150S / SHV-E160K / SHV-E160L / SHV-E160S / GT-N8010 / GT-N8013 / GT-P6200 / GT-P7300B / GT-P7310 / GT-P7320 / GT-P7320T / GT-P7500 / GT-P7500D / GT-P7500M / GT-P7500R / GT-P7501 / GT-P7510 / GT-P7511 / GT-S5300 / GT-S5300B / GT-S5300L / GT-P6200L / GT-P6201 / GT-P6210 / GT-P6211 / GT-P6800 / GT-P6810 / GT-B5510 / GT-B5510B / GT-B5510L / GT-B5512 / GT-B5512B / GT-i9070 / GT-i9070P / GT-i9100 / GT-i9100G / GT-i9100M / GT-i9100P / GT-i9100T / GT-i9103 / GT-i9108 / GT-i9220 / GT-N7000 / GT-N7000B / GT-N8000 / GT-N8020 / GT-P7300 / GT-S5570i / GT-i9228 / GT-i9250 / SHW-M110S / GT-i8160 / GT-i8160L / GT-i8160P / SGH-i757 / SGH-i757M / SGH-i777 / SHV-E110S / SHV-E120K

Zamsung Crypter Advanced FRP Remover Tool

Zamsung Crypter Tool helps you easily remove and bypass any Android Device's Google Account (FRP = Factory Reset Protection). It can also be used to do a Factory reset.

How to use Zamsung Crypter:
1. Download and install Zamsung Crypter
2. Launch Zamsung Crypter
3. Select Samsung Tab (for Samsung Devices)
4. Click UNI FRP and select your device (for other devices)
5. Click Scan Port
6. Click Unlock FRP
7. Enjoy your phone

How to Remove any Android Phone's Screen Lock without Resetting or Losing Data

Have you protected your Android Phone with a screen lock
You forgot your screen lock and you want to remove it without resetting or losing data. Don't worry, I will show you how to remove the screen lock easily and and without formatting your phone. This works for any android phone and no matter what type of lock it is (pattern, PIN, password, face lock, ...)

Huawei HiSuite

HiSuite Smart Device Manager is a Huawei Smartphone PC Suite. An Android software which enables you manage your phone from PC. Manage your applications and data in a very easy way, also download and install from the internet. There is a smartphone version of Hisuite too, which you can install on your phone and manage its data.



SideSync is an android supporting software that helps share data between a PC and a smartphone in a very easy way. It lets you see the same screen shown on your smartphone or any other device.

King Flasher

Download King Flasher

King Flasher is the best free application you can use to flash any smartphone.

GPG Tool for Tablets


* ADB Tool:

- Check Device
- Software Info
- Hardware Info
- Cpu Info
- Pin/Face Lock 
- Guesture Lock
- Reset G-Mail
- Wipe All

Download Any Flash File تحميل أي فلاشة


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Download/ stock firmware (original rom) for your Mobile - Provided by and
SamSony Rom || سامسوني
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LG Firmware Updates | Install KDZ - DevTester
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Xiaomi fastboot rom
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Huawei - Support - Downloads
ZTE Devices - Tomorrow never waits
ZTE is the No. 4 mobile handset manufacturer in the world according to global industry analyst IDC. ZTE produces a complete range of mobile devices including mobile phones, tablets, mobile broadband modems and hotspots, and family desktop integration terminals.
Cyanogen - Support
Where My Firmware

Hard Reset Wiko Lenny 2

Step 1: I recommend that you make a backup first, because hard reset will permanently erase all  data. 

Step 2: Switch off the device.

Step 3: Press and hold Power,  Volume Up and Volume Down buttons together.

How to Flash and Update Tablet ORRO A950

* Follow the steps below:

1. Download flash file (Stock ROM) for Tablet ORRO A950.
2. Open and extract the downloaded file to a certain folder.
3. Install USB Driver.
4. Download LiveSuit flasher and open it.

5. Click Select Img and select img file you have downloaded.
6. Now, press and hold any button but not power button then connect the tablet to the computer.
7. Press the Power button about 10 times while still holding the other button.
8. When the computer detects the tablet, flash process will begin automatically then release all buttons.
9. Wait till flash process is completed then disconnect the tablet.

* Tablet ORRO A950 can also be flashed and updated with PhoenixSuit.

How to Bypass any Samsung Google Account

You will need:
- A Computer
- WiFi Network
- Sidesync from here
- Quick Shortcut Maker application from here (copy it to the SD Card)

Step 1: Install and open Sidesync.

How to Fix ''Couldn't Establish a Reliable Connection to the Server''

You can try to fix this issue by:

* Check time and date.
* Login through YouTube/Gmail.

If it does not work, then try this method below:

1. Download this app from here with your Device.

2. When the app is installed, open it.

Steps to Build Firmware for A1 SmartWatch

1. Download the files from here and extract them into a specific folder.
- Download drivers from here and install them.

2. Open Readback Extractor and click Load Readback file.