How to Flash Nokia Lumia 800 RM-801

- Lumia 800 USB Drivers
- InfinityBest 
- Lumia firmware

Connect your Nokia Lumia to the computer via USB cable (make sure it has 50% of battery at least), then launch InfinityBest and follow the steps shown below.

1. Click WP.
2. Select your Nokia Lumia Model. (RM-801)
3. Tick Manual.
4. Enter the 5 firmware files you downloaded from the link above.
 - osbl
- amss
- adsp
- wp
- uda
5. Click Flash and flash process begins at once.

Wait until the process is complete then disconnect your device.

N.B: If flash process did not start:
1. follow the 5 steps mentioned above first.
2. Turn off the device then press and hold Volume Up button then reconnect the device.

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